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Juwest not only supplies concrete, it also provides concrete cutting and removal services to the Goldfields area, and Western Australia at large. We have mobile batch plants that can access any remote site to create fast and large continuous pours of concrete, onsite. Our plant is modern, up to date and meets all mine site specifications.

Our professional team of tradespeople are incredibly competent in all aspects of form work, reinforcement set outs, concrete pouring and finishing.

Our extensive experience throughout the years has seen us form and pour anything. From camp footpaths and verandas, through to jacking slabs, workshop pads, wash down bays, ring beams, waste ponds and sumps – Juwest can do it all.

Juwest have a refined process in our concrete production, and upon request test cylinders can be sent for testing at an independent laboratory.

Need a design for a specific project? Juwest can provide you with a refined design plan to reach your project goals. We provide tailored advice on which fibres will be the most durable and cost effective for your project, and on the use of standard reinforcement mesh/bars.

Juwest are ready to help you with the following concrete services. If you can’t find the service you need, don’t hesitate contact us for assistance.

Concrete services:





Steel Fixing


Machine Operation

Precast Concrete

Concrete Core Drilling




Shed Slabs

Retaining Walls

Wash Pads


Footings and Piers

Spoon Drains

Pits and Sumps

Footpaths and Driveways

Concrete Repair

Jacking Slabs

Washdown bays


Ring Beams

Tank Pads

Juwest are able to assist with (but not limited to) the above concrete services.